Stock ref: DS1763

Circa late 1970s

A superb bespoke commissioned Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Oak Corner Shelf with excellent graining, a fitted support bracket to the underside  and a trademark mouse carved in high relief to the leading edge.

Carefully cleaned of paint splash residues and clear wax polished  it presents in superb condition with a warm medium honey colour.

Size: 47.5(w corner to corner) x 36(d incl mouse carving) x 6(h incl fiited support bracket)cm

£ 345

Stock ref: DS1750

Circa 1960s

An excellent vintage oak wall hanging Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Corner Cupboard.  Oak panelled  with adzed top and framework (mid/late 70s onwards examples are not adzed at all), traditional wrought iron door fittings and a trademark incised mouse carved to the lower front side section. Fitted internally with 3 fixed baize lined shelves, the top shelf cut-out to allow  for drinks  or taller item storage. Complete with its original  oak support bracket.

After careful cleaning of paint splash residues and a clear wax polish in our workshop it  presents in excellent condition with a rich warm medium fumed colour.

Size: 69.5(w) x 48(d) x 97(h)cm


Stock ref: DS1762

Circa Early 1930s

An excellent example of a rare, large  and  early made oak  Three Legged Cow Stool or Occasional Table from the KIliburn workshops of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson.  Features a large  kidney / palette shaped 2" thick single piece top, specifically selected for its rare and characterful  finely feathered burr graining. It's adzed to both sides in line with the very earliest craftsmanship, prioir to Robert Thompson's purchase  of a planing machine in the later 1930s. The top is relatively flat and not dished like the later made  and smaller cow / calf stools, making it ideal for use as an occasional  or side / lamp table. Supported on three strong and sturdy octagonally carved and fully adzed splayed legs, wedge jointed through the top with a lovely typical early mouse carving to one leg.

Excellent condition and deep aged colour, the top with  expected minor age related wood splits (not deep into the 2" thick top) with a small shallow area of surface scratching loss on the edge of the top which is shown clearly in many of the images in the gallery below. It's also shown next to a 1970s made 18" cow stool so that clients can see the size and scale of the piece, which we are advised originates from an estate in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Size: 49(w) x 41(d) x 47(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS1760

Circa  2000s

A superb nearly new and mint condition example of the extremely comfortable Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Smoking Armchair with solid oak framework and a thick slung cowhide seat back and cowhide seat custion. Privately sourced directly from its original owners the chair doesn't look as though it's ever been sat on and is free of any staining  or evidence of usage, other than natural age coloration of the cowhide. We've clear wax polished the framework to freshen it up ready for its new owners. Currently £ 1975 to purchase new from Robert Thompson's Craftsmen.

The image gallery below also shows this modern example next to the earliest made version of this chair (our stock reference DS1747) to allow clients to see the evolution of the item since it was introduced in the early 1930s.

Size:  61.5(w) x 80(d) x 112(h)cm.  Seat height incl. cushion 48cm.

£ 1725

Stock ref: DS1751

Circa 1980s

A superb example of the modern panelled oak Firescreen from the Kilburn workshops of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson, standing on twin sledge feet with a large very nicely defined mouse carved to the top edge.

Superb condition and warm honey oak colour.

Size: 52(w) x 23(d) x 76(h)cm

£ 945

Stock ref: DS1749

Circa 1940s

A superb early Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Oak Cheeseboard, the mouse carved characteristically to the board. Post 1960 the mouse carving was moved onto the handle to strengthen it as the earlier handles were prone to snapping. Dark fumed from new and in excellent condition following many years of wrapped storage in the attic, a clear wax polishing has really accentuated the  wavy graining and deep nutty brown colour of the oak. No evidence of knife cut marks to the upper board surface.

Excellent provenance, having come from the estate of Patricia Kirk of Kilburn, the Kirk family being long established farmers and butchers in Kilburn and neighbours of Robert Thompson.

Other pieces available from her estate include a 'Mouseman' Workbox presented by her parents as a 21st birthday gift in 1948 and a rare  early Stan Dodds 'Rabbitman' Horseshoe Pin Dish.

Size: 37(l)  x 17.8 (w) x 4.8(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS1757

Circa 1980s

A wonderful example of the popular modern made Mouseman Octagonal Coffee Table, featuring a twin planked adzed top supported on a cruciform pedestal leg and four feet. Super condition with a warm medium fumed golden oak colour.

Size: 50(dia) x 47.5(h)cm

£ 820

Stock ref: DS1746

Circa 1930s/40s

A beatifully coloured and patinated pair of highly sought after early Robert Mouseman Thompson  oak Bookends. Adzed all over with natural characterful burrs and colour banding in the oak, to one bookend in particular,   both with wonderfully detailed and finely carved mice with no losses. Dark fumed from new, after a clean and clear wax repolish they present superbly with rich deep chestnut brown colour tones. Very minor and normal expected slight splitting to the burred areas of the wood. Privately acquired from the original owners family in West Yorkshire.

Size: 9.7(w) x 9.7(d) x 15.3(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS1695


An excellent example of the popular 3' refectory style Coffee Table from Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson. Privately acquired from  the original Lancashire owners together with the Robert Thompson's purchase invoice, and several Lizardman pieces.  It's been carefully used and after a clear wax polish presents in a wonderful warm medium fumed oak colour.

Size: 91(w) x 37.5(d) x 44(h)cm

£ 820

Stock ref: DS1685

Circa 1970s

A lovely locally sourced example of  the popular Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Oak Lattice Backed Armchair. Features a studded leather seat, gently curved arms and the carved woven lattice back panel, supported by four square and octagonally carved legs joined by stretchers, a nicely carved trademark mouse to one front leg.

Lovely warm medium fumed  and clear waxed colour. The fame is solid and presents in lovely condition following a clean and wax. The seat has had replacement leather in the past and is very clean  and usable with no cuts or significant staining, although we  would question if the work was undertaken by a professional upholsterer who is familiar with these chairs as some of the rear studding in particular, which is difficult to tap in cleanly because of the back panel, is poorly aligned and would originally have been wider spaced with fewer upholstery studs.

Our price below reflects all the above points and represents great value when compared with the current £ 1,345 cost  for a new chair, allowing purchasers to have a new leather hide fitted of their own supplier and colour choice at a future date, if they so desire, at a fraction of the cost of a new chair. We can advise on new upholstery if you wish.

Size: 52(w) x 50(d) x 90(h)cm

£ 675 

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