Stock ref: DS2040

Circa 1970s/80s

A superb 15" tall (excl brass bulb fitting) solid oak table Lamp from the ex mouseman craftsman Wilf 'Squirrelman' Hutchinson. It stands on a 6" diameter swept and facetted octagonal base with a central octagonal tapering stem into which is carved an excellent signature squirrel. Brass bulb fitting and modern 3 core earthed wiring.

Cleaned and re-waxed it presents in superb condition with a natural golden oak colour.

Shown next to  one of the  standard 10 1/2" Mouseman Table Lamps we are also preparing for sale  in the image gallery below.

Size: 15.2(dia) x38(h)cm

£ 325

Stock ref: DS1918

Circa 1970s / early 80s

Size: 40.5(w) x 27.5(d) x 39.5(h)cm

£ 385


Stock ref: DS1884

Circa 1960s

A very  unusual bespoke made 3' wide oak Bookcase from the Husthwaite workshop of Wilf 'Squirrelman' Hutchinson, displaying  typical 'modernist' furniture styling ques from the 1960s more usually associated with Nathan, Ercol, Gplan, Merrow, and high end Scandinavian makers of the period..... all very much back in fashion just now. Of rectangular form with open storage to the upper half and sliding doors to the lower section, standing on four feet. Exposed dovetails to the lower sides and Wilf's trademark squirrel carved in relief to one side.

Structurally sound and medium oak wax finished, we've photographed the item in 'as purchased' condition. Eminently usable as it is, we've also photographed the minor staining which would benefit from being cleaned. We can supply the item as it is or can clean and re-wax the piece  for clients, pricing accordingly.

Size: 91(w) x 27(d) x 81(h)cm


Stock ref: DS1838

Circa 1960s/70s

An excellent example of a wall hung Oak Corner Cabinet from the former  mouseman craftsman Wilf Hutchinson who established his own business in 1957, which continues today in the capable hands of his Son, Trevor. Subtly adzed all over  with traditional wrought iron fittings and wooden fixing support, a trademark signature squirrel carved to the lower side panel and fitted internal shelves, the top cut-out to accomodate drinks bottles. Wonderful waxed colour, the piece gently cleaned in our workshop of grime and paint residues around the edges in contact with the walls where previously fitted.

Size:  72.5(w) x 48.7)d) x 95.5(h)cm

£ 750, previously £ 835

Stock ref: DS1777

Circa 1980s

A superb example of a Wilf Hutchinson 'Squirrelman' oak Ashtray. Excellent unused condition with a rich fumed colour.

As with the other 'Yorkshire Critters' craftsmen's work it is much rarer to the market than the 'Mouseman' ashtray.

Wilf trained  and worked under Robert Thompson in the 1950s, leaving to set up his own business in nearby Husthwaite in 1957. He was joined there later by his son Trevor, who continues the business today.

Size: 11.5(w) x7.8(d) x 7.5(h)cm


Stock ref: DS2002

Circa 1990s

An excellent example of a 19" wide solid oak Book Trough from the ex mouseman craftsman Wilf 'Squirrelman' Hutchinson of typical rectangular form with shaped quadrant ends which are wonderfully grained and a beautifully detailed squirrel carved to the top of one end. Initialled to the underside TH, made by Wilf's son Trevor who now operates the business on his own following his father's death a few years ago.

Size: 48.2(w) x 19(d) x 24(h)cm


Stock ref: DS1917

Circa 1970s

An excellent example of  these popular stools from the  former mouseman craftsman Wilf 'Squirrelman' Hutchinson who set up his own business in 1957. Of typical rectangular form, the  adzed and dished quarter sawn oak top pinned in traditional fashion to the supporting carved leg framework which is joined by stretchers. Wilf's signature squirrel is carved into one leg.

Excellent condition and colour, cleaned and rewaxed.

Size: 40.5(w) x 27.5(d) x 39.5(h)cm



Stock ref: DS1933

Circa 1960s/70s

An unusual and  wonderful example of a Candelabra from the Husthwaite workshop of the Mouseman trained craftsman Wilf 'Squirrelman' Hutchinson. Hand carved from a solid block of english oak it stands on a large square base, carved leaf forms to the corners  rise  to form a central  octagonally carved and tapering stem. Towatds the top the stem  splits to form three branches on which sit traditional wrought iron candle sconces. Wilf's trademark squirrel is carved sitting prominently to the lower front of the piece which presents in excellent condition  and colour following a clean and wax, the only evidence of prior usage being some small minor knocks to the central stem.

Wilf is sadly no longer with us but the business remains in the capable hands of his son Trevor.

Size: 11.2(w) x 11.2(d) x 36(h)cm. Candle hole dia 12-13mm.


Stock ref: DS1930

Circa early 1960s

A superb  and rare early Wilf Hutchinson 'Squirrelman' Oak Writing Bureau.  Features a fall front writing desk with inner compartments and  2 short over 2 long graduated drawers below, all with traditional wrought iron fittings and working locks. The sides and back are panelled and the whole piece is extensively adzed, in line with early craftsmanship and the skills Wilf acqiuired whilst at Robert Thompson's when Robert was still alive in the early 50s.

Excellent condition and colour with very minor marking on the top commensurate with normal use.  Wilf's early carved signature squirrel to the top side panel.

Previously sold by ourselves in early 2014 and recently bought back  from the client in exchange for another piece in our  stock.

Size: 76(w) x 45(d) x 108.5(h)cm


Stock ref: DS1667

Circa late 1950s / early 60s

 A rare, early and highly unusual Cheeseboard from former mouseman craftsman Wilf 'Squirrelman' Hutchinson of Husthwaite, near Thirk. Carved from a solid block of 2 1/2 inch oak it features unusual twin carved squirrels carved directly onto the board and a very high arched handle. The  Cheeseboard presents with a wonderful waxed and naturally aged oak patina and the knife marks on the board evidence usage as intended. Not surprisingly there are also minor old nibbles to the fragile ears of the carved squirrels which can be seen in the image gallery below.

Trevor Hutchinson, Wilf's son who now runs Squirrel Furniture has seen the piece and confirms it's rarity and early manufacture. Certainly we've only seen one previously which we didn't buy as the board and carvings were in poor condition and badly worn.

Size: 35(l) x 17.5(w) x 6(h)cm


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